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What's an orthotic?

A foot orthotic is like an extra shoe sole that slips into your shoe. But unlike a regular shoe sole that’s flat, the orthotic is shaped to fit your foot. As a result, it provides support for your arches and relieves strain. This means less pain caused by health issues, weight issues, injury, and improper use or over use.

What happens during an appointment?

During your first visit, one of our practitioners will check your feet, watch you walk and then if they think that you need an orthotic, they’ll take a mold of your feet. This process can take 45 minutes or longer. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones and you’ll get the good news that proper shoes will help your problem – that you don’t need an orthotic. Then we’ll either check out some footwear or make another appointment for fittings.

If you’re getting an orthotic, you’ll return after it’s made. Then you’ll try it out and receive instructions to break it in. It might take some getting used to but if it causes pain, come back right away. Like a good recipe, a few tweaks by a master improves the result! Often it’s just a matter of shaving a tiny bit off the bottom of the arch to allow for more flexibility during walking.

Does it hurt?

If it does, it means that something needs adjusting. In that case, you’ll make an appointment right away to come back. If it hurts, don’t wear your insole (orthotic) until you can come back to the office for an adjustment.

At the same time, do realize that you may find a bit of discomfort when wearing your insole for the first time. It’s like updating your computer … there’s always a short time when you’re uncomfortable and adjusting to new things. New shoes are also like that. But that adjustment period doesn’t last long and isn’t painful. Remember, if it’s painful, come back and get your orthotic adjusted.

Do I need to see a doctor first?

No and yes. You can make an initial appointment for an evaluation. Some people only require the proper footwear for their situation. But before orthotic treatments, you’ll need to get a prescription from your doctor. The doctor provides an objective opinion as someone who doesn’t benefit from the provision of treatment.

What's a certified pedorthist?

In the simplest terms, a pedorthist is a qualified medical specialist who knows how to help people gain better mobility when walking. They help people with painful feet. In Canada there is a College of Pedorthists which maintains and monitors the credentials of its members. Find out more about Certified Pedorthists.

What's the cost?

A custom molded orthotic ranges in price from $380 to $425. You may want to check with your health insurance in consideration of this option. Footwear can range in price from $120 to $300+.

Do you guarantee your work?

Custom-made devices are guaranteed for a period of six months from date of purchase. Any defects in manufacturing or workmanship will be corrected to your satisfaction. Issues relating to normal wear or misuse are not covered. Please note that we cannot guarantee results. However, as long as we are treating the original condition for which you were assessed, we will seek to obtain optimal results. Our goal is always to help hurting feet become healthy feet.

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