The Thera-Ped Difference

We’ve got several good reasons why you should come see us!

Quality means longer lasting insoles.

Our clients tell us that they are amazed how their insoles last. This is why:

  • Our clinicians select materials and features to match your lifestyle, age , activity level and medical condition. 
  • Our orthotics can be modified or repaired when you change or when they change.
  • We handcraft your orthotics in our own lab.
  • We use a variety of materials because there is nothing simple about comfort.

Because of our manufacturing process and materials, our insoles last.

More options and services for your problems.

Our experienced team can provide orthotics, shoes, stockings, modifications to footwear, and give you advice on all of your foot care concerns. We can give you information on how to get the most out of your orthotics and footwear – because if your are happy, so are we! This may be as simple as a different type of stocking, modifying your exercise, using a better shoe or just being aware how movement and stress affects your body.


Contact us today because you want healthier and happier feet.

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