Modifications to Existing Footwear

Got footwear? We can change it … so that your feet are more comfortable.

Footwear modifications play an important role in Pedorthic therapy at Thera-Ped Foot and Ankle Clinic. They are often overlooked as an option for improved comfort and function. Our highly skilled technicians at Thera-Ped Foot and Ankle Clinic know how to make these modifications so that they’re functional and unobtrusive.

We’ll modify your existing footwear so that your shoes and boots feel better to your feet and also work better with your orthotics.

These modifications can be made to either the outside or inside of your footwear. Sometimes we’ll change a shoe because a client’s one leg is longer than the other. We might make another change to realign the foot and leg in walking. Sometimes we add a flare to stabilize the shoe to keep the foot from turning over. A rocker sole can relieve pressure and reduce ankle stress.

Other modifications include Velcro conversions, internal padding and support, and adding extra dimension into the upper to accommodate a difference in foot size or position.

Contact us today to discover how we can modify your shoes so your feet feel better.

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