The Thera-Ped Story

Thera-Ped has been practicing Pedorthic therapy for over 30 years, helping individuals with their foot problems.

It all started way back in 1985 when two Pedorthists Paul Kasdan and Terry Trask, got the idea to create a clinic that specialized in lower extremity orthotics and footwear. In 1991 Wayne Dryer joined the two. Their team has been practicing ever since and their goals have always remained the same: helping individuals by providing solutions for foot and postural pain.

Since then Thera-ped has grown from its home in Saint John, New Brunswick to encompass a network of associated Pedorthists in Atlantic Canada. Our clinics are located in Saint John, Fredericton, Sussex, Moncton, Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro and Yarmouth.

We do more than craft custom made foot orthotics. Our skilled Technicians and Pedorthists also create in-house custom made footwear and modify retail footwear with lifts, wedges, flares, rocker soles and upper modifications. We also sell high quality retail orthopaedic and comfort footwear specifically designed for orthotic  friendly applications and over the counter foot and ankle braces, as well as speciality stockings (compression, diabetic and sports).

Contact us to discover how we can help your feet become healthier and happier.

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