Imagine … healthier, happier feet.

Do your feet hurt? Do you want feet that feel better? We turn hurting feet into healthy feet. Wouldn’t you like feet that allow you to do the things you like to do, comfortably?

We can help. How? We’re a full service Pedorthic facility. We craft custom shoe inserts (called foot orthoses or foot orthotics) that help your feet put pressure where there’s supposed to be pressure … and take it off those places that shouldn’t. We also craft custom made footwear, and modify orthopedic shoes, ready made orthopedic shoes and boots, and prefabricated ankle and foot braces. All of these help create healthier and happier feet.

“I could barely walk because my feet hurt so much. I’d walk a few steps and I’d be ouching and groaning the whole way. Then my doctor wrote me a referral and sent me to Thera-ped. Wayne Dryer worked with me to craft a custom orthotic that cradled my very sore feet, and allowed them to heal. What a difference! Before I couldn’t walk six steps. Now I can walk six miles and still have happy feet at the end. Thanks, Wayne and all the staff at Thera-ped. You’ve made a difference in my life.” Jean Dickson

We have always emphasized building a relationship of trust. From evaluation, to fitting and maintenance as things change we try to engage clients in their own treatment. Our Canadian Certified Pedorthists will investigate your foot, ankle and postural problems and then design and fit appliances that help alleviate pain and correct walking problems.

We strongly believe that symptomatic relief isn’t always what’s most important. We always try to deal with the real issue – what’s causing your pain. Our extensive experience has taught us that many of the problems we see are complex. For instance, a person might come to us because of plantar fasciitis and they might think an insert will help them. If we feel that the real problem is improper alignment or repetitive stress, we will try to achieve a better balance and deal with both issues. And so there are two important issues, not one: 1) help the immediate problem (symptom), and 2) work with resolving what’s causing that problem (the root cause). In doing this, we work with you in your own therapy.

Sound good? Then contact us to make an appointment and we’ll get back to you with a location and date.

Clinic locations in Fredericton, Sussex, Moncton, Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro and Yarmouth.


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